High altitude trek during winter

High altitude trek during winter

What we want during winter is to sleep in our cozy bed with full comfort. But have you ever imagined how it would be like to get out of that comfort and go through those beautiful Himalayas that has been covered with snow, and seems like a beautiful bride in a whitish gown? Just think about that feeling when you get a glimpse of the beautiful mountain.

Despite there are many options to enjoy the winter days, trek and hike of Himalaya regions is one of the best. Those sunrise and sunsets view will give you a more soothing experience. Snow is the best part and food no matter what you eat tastes so much better.

Why travel during winter?

Most people like to travel during other seasons instead of winter since they don’t want to even think about cold of zero degrees or minus temperature. But if you do like to travel during winter then following are the advantages :

  • Lower costs to travel.
  • Cool and clear weather.
  • Snow becomes a real thing.
  • Trek during winter is better than summer.
  • Enjoy the campfire at its fullest.
  • Sledding, Skiing is possible.
  • Cozy winter fashion.

Where to trek in Nepal?

Nepal, also known as “The home of Himalayas” has no fewer options. Some of the adventurous destinations and activities in Nepal are:

  • Annapurna Region

Annapurna Circuit Trek has been one of the most popular walks among trekkers. Not only natural beauty like mountains, rivers, and gorgeous valleys but also the rich culture of tribal groups are the main attractions of this trek. March-April and October-November are the best months for trekking in the Annapurna Circuit.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • Everest Region

One of the destinations with magical status in the world of trekking is the Everest region. And Everest Base Camp Trek is an excellent way to enter that magical aura. You can have a drippy climb through Sherpa villages in order to enjoy the stunning view of mountains, wildlife and experience some religious side of Buddhist religion by visiting Tibetian monasteries.

  • Langtang Region

In the valley of glaciers “Langtang”, you will get to see the tremendous view of snow-capped mountains during Langtang Valley Trek. The whole valley is encircled by a beautiful mountain range. Other than that it offers exceptional biodiversity and landscapes. The heartwarming hospitality of local people will be the best part of this trek.

  • Chulu West Peak

When it comes to exploring the Annapurna region Chulu West Peak Climbing is a very popular adventure. Chulu peak is part of the bigger Damodar Himal range of Manang in western Nepal. It surely is strenuous but the view from the top of Chulu peak makes all the efforts worth.

Likewise, there are several other destinations as well.

How to trek?

You can make a perfect plan to travel to specific places or random travels are more fun than that. During the travel, you will get to meet several new things, people or opportunities which may change your plan as well.

Solo travel is more exciting for some passionate tourists since you should not be dependent on anyone for any decision. Group plans are even more memorable.

There would be local community people to help you but also for best services you can always choose the option of travel guides.